Halloween, Barmbrack and Getting the Pea

OHehirs Barm Breac

Bobbing for apples, trick or treating and making last-minute costumes from black bags all scream Halloween. But nothing reminds us of the night for ghosts and witches to roam more than barmbrack - the delicious sweet bread dotted with sultanas and raisins. And it’s not just the mouth-watering taste that makes this bread so special, it is of course – the ring. For children all around Ireland, finding it is the greatest triumph there is.

But barmbrack wasn’t always so kind. In the past, the tradition was to add a pea, a stick, a piece of cloth, a coin and a ring to the bread mix. Each item was meant to predict your fortune – or lack of. It was believed that the person who got the pea wouldn’t marry that year; the stick meant an unhappy marriage; the cloth indicated poverty and the coin riches; while the person who found the ring would wed within the year.

Whilst you won’t find a pea, stick, cloth or coin in O’Hehir’s bracks, you will find a really beautiful, moist loaf packed with flavour…and maybe even a ring! Our brack is best enjoyed when toasted and lathered with butter. De-lish.  

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